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Open for Investment: Officer, VIC

HoldenCAPITAL Partners is pleased to present you with our latest Select Loan Investment, Officer, VIC, which is now open for investment.

You can access the Information Form and Selection Form below.

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Open for investment

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Land Loan

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6 months

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Projected IRR

9.90% p.a.

1st Mortgage

HoldenCAPITAL Partners is pleased to advise that our latest loan investment, Officer, VIC, is now open for investment and we invite you to participate.

Key investment details:

  • First Mortgage Loan Facility;

  • 6 month investment term;

  • 9.90%pa forecast net IRR^;

  • Loan to Value Ratio (Excl GST) of 49.8% including capitalised fees and interest;

  • Loan amount of $1.425m plus capitalised interest;

  • The purpose of the loan is to assist the Borrower to acquire the Property and allow time to amend the DA, secure pre-sales and finalisation of the construction contract prior to commencement of the development;

  • The property is located in Officer which is a growth suburb east of Melbourne (approx. 45km from the CBD and accessible by the metro train)

  • Development Approval has been achieved for 34 townhouses. The development approval currently covers Lot A and the adjoining Lot B (separate owner). The development approval will be separated prior to development and support the refinance of this loan into a construction loan. HoldenCAPITAL Advisory has already secured indicative terms from financiers to fund the construction of the project which provides a well defined exit strategy for the 'Officer, VIC' loan.


Transaction Overview

Loan Facility Type
First Mortgage Loan 

Estimated Net Return
9.90%pa forecast net IRR^

Investment term
11 months

Total Investment

Minimum Investment

If you have any questions, please contact:

Gary Connolly15175_pp.jpg

Gary Connolly
Head of Investments

0432 470 498