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Investor Deal Flow - October 2019


At a time when deposit rates continue to fall and volatility in stock markets remains, property debt investments represent an attractive proposition for sophisticated investors.

We have just seen the RBA announce a further 25bp reduction in the base rate and while they stated that they saw the outlook for the global economy as being reasonable, it was also clear that the ongoing US-China trade dispute and the lukewarm local growth rates were sufficient for them to make the cut to a record low of 0.75%. They reiterated that continuing low interest rates are likely to be a long term fixture to maintaining a sound and growing local economy.

Almost immediately following this announcement we saw first hand the volatility of the world share markets with most world markets wiping out the recent September gains over the course of a days trading and reminding us all of the volatility that continues to characterise this sector in recent times and which is likely to continue to do so.

On the Australian property development front, HoldenCAPITAL Partners are seeing continued growth in our marketplace, both in deal size and transaction volume, with our five biggest equity raises all occurring in the last 12 months. These equity raises cover a range of asset classes, risk profiles and targeted returns. The one thing they have in common is the enthusiasm they’ve drawn from HCP investors. These five deals ultimately met their funding targets in a matter of hours.

Until now, online property debt syndication has mostly been considered a supplemental form of capital. But these growing deal sizes are a sign that things are changing. Thanks to high-quality opportunities and strong investor interest, this form of capital is now a must-have, not just a nice-to-have. 

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Recent Transactions
A selection of our most recent transactions are shown below. See the full list here.

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FY19 Overview
Check out the key facts and figures for what proved to be an excellent FY19 for HCP Investors.

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